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Latest News from the Research Group

August 27th 2019
As the year marches on, our group has continued to have success. Dr. Allen was a recent receipient of the '2019 Central Michigan University College of Science and Engineering Award for Outstanding Research'. This award would not have been possible but for the work of the group and collaborators. We also welcome two new group members for the semester; Elizabeth Wawrzyniak and Dennis Weaver.

August 1st 2019
As of August 1st our group has new support in the form of an NSF PREEVENTS grant (NSF-AGS1855054) 'PREEVENTS Track 2: Collaborative Research: Improving High-Impact Hail Event Forecasts by Linking Hail Environments and Modeled Hailstorm Processes', in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Adams-Selin (AER), Dr. Matthew Kumjian (Penn State), and Dr. Conrad Ziegler (NSSL). As part of this new project, we have a new group member, Cameron Nixon, a Ph.D. student who will be joining us from Texas Tech. He will be working on hail forecasting research related to the project, with a specific focus on wind fields.

April 22nd 2019
Maria Graduation
Big news for our group! I am pleased to announce that Dr. Maria Molina successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation on April 22nd 2019. Congratulations Maria! Maria will be leaving our group at the end of the summer (2019) to begin an NCAR ASP Postdoctoral Fellowship in Boulder. Picture above is from Maria's commencement cermony on May 3rd.

April 20th 2019
New Paper Alert! Maria's second Ph.D. related paper has recently appeared as an early online release in Journal of Climate 'On the Moisture Origins of Tornadic Thunderstorms' - you can check it out here.

March 19th 2019
Student News! It is a busy summer ahead for the group with Olivia Vanbuskirk heading off to University of Michigan for the summer as part of the REU program down there. Congrats to Olivia. Meanwhile, Dan Butler will be out in the field with the TORUS field campaign with Dr. Jason Keeler and will be continuing his tornado research with the group.

March 8th 2019
New Paper Alert! In a new collaboration with colleagues from Europe led by Mateusz Taszarek, we published a European Climatology of Thunderstorms and Severe Thunderstorms using a mixture of data sources, including thunderstorm reports, lightning data and environmental proxies. This paper has proven very popular since its release in March, and is the most read Journal of Climate paper in the past 12 months and 5th most read AMS journal publication in the past year! The paper is entitled 'A Climatology of Thunderstorms across Europe from a Synthesis of Multiple Data Sources' - and you can check it out here.