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A warm welcome to Prabodha Mendis  and Suporna Paul, two new graduate  students who are the newest additions  to our group! 
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Research in our group is directed towards the fundamental  aspects of the  design and fabrication of nanoscale functional  materials with application in energy storage and conversion,  sensing, catalysis and spintronics. To this end, we exploit basic  concepts of colloidal chemistry, molecular self-assembly  and  surface functionalization to design novel nanostructures with  controlled internal structure, chemical composition and selectable topologies, such as colloidal nanocrystals, nanotubes and nanorods and thin films. We are particularly interested in the study of the ferroic  ordering in low dimensional metal oxides by combining different  diffraction, spectroscopy and  microscopy tecniques. We are also  interested in assemblying nano-objects into hybrid hierarchical  structures such as multiferroic or polymer-ceramic  nanocomposites with selectable topologies, such as core-shell  nanoparticles, nanowire-nanotube hybrid arrays and multilayered  composites, their characterization and use as building blocks for  the fabrication of functional devices.
June 2017
August 2017
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CARUNTU Research Group
Nanostructured Materials For Energy Applications
Hannah Steffke, a Yale University  freshman student worked in our lab  between June and August, 2017  working on titania nanostructures.  Good luck, Hannah!  
Our paper on 1D core-shell magneotelectric nanocomposites  by liquid phase deposition was published in Cryst. Eng. Comm.
October 2017
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May 2018
Our group participated at the 13th  International Conference on Materials  Chemistry, July 10-13 (Liverpool, UK)  and ROCAM (Bucharest, Romania). 
April 2017
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November 2017
Benard won the Best Poster  Presentation Award at the Michigan  Microscopy and Microanalysis  Conference. Congratulations, Benard! 
Tommaso’s research poster has been  selcted for summer display at the  Museum of Cultural and Natural  History, being on of the best posters  presented at SCREE in 2018. 
Our invited review paper on  measurement techniques of the  magneto-electric coupling in  multiferroics has been published in  “Materials”.
July 2017