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The 8th International Conference on  Advanced Materials (ROCAM2015),  Bucharest, Romania. 
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Research in our group is directed towards the fundamental aspects of  the  design and fabrication of nanoscale functional materials with  application in energy storage and conversion, sensing, catalysis and  spintronics. To this end, we exploit basic concepts of colloidal chemistry,  molecular self-assembly  and surface functionalization to design novel  nanostructures with controlled internal structure, chemical composition  and selectable topologies, such as colloidal nanocrystals, nanotubes and  nanorods and thin films. We are particularly interested in the study of the ferroic ordering in  low dimensional metal oxides by combining different diffraction,  spectroscopy and  microscopy tecniques. We are also interested in  assemblying nano-objects into hybrid hierarchical structures such as  multiferroic or polymer-ceramic nanocomposites with selectable  topologies, such as core-shell nanoparticles, nanowire-nanotube hybrid  arrays and multilayered composites, their characterization and use as  building blocks for the fabrication of functional devices.
September 2015
Our paper on the synthesis and  controlled-self assembly of  ferroelectric perovskite nanocrystals  has been published in Nanoscale.  
July 2015
Benard Kavey joined the group as a  graduate student.
September 2013
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CARUNTU Research Group
Nanostructured Materials For Energy Applications
Dr. Caruntu, along with other faculty  members have been awarded a NSF-  MRI research grant for the aquisition  of a performant transmission electron  microscope. 
Swati has won the FACSS Student poster Award Competition at the Great Scientific Exchange (SCIX2015) held in Providence, Rhode Island (September  27-October 2, 2015.) Congratulations, Swati!
October 2015
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September 2015
Our paper on the fabrication of  polymer-ceramic nanocomposite  films for energy storage applications  has been published in RSC Advances 
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July 2015
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