The pop artist, Robert Indiana, created a work entitled “Nonagon” as part of a polygon series of art prints.  As shown in the thumbnail image at right, the work consists of a regular nonagon inscribed in a circle along with text expressions of the word, “nonagon,” and a large numeral nine.

Since regular polygons are mathematical objects (as is the numeral 9,) does this qualify as a work of mathematical art? One might consider the fact that he presents the concept of inscribability of regular polygons within circles. Also, the distinction between symbol and mathematical entity is of interest to mathematicians,

If this is indeed mathematical art, might we consider that any school student’s compass and straightedge construction of a regular polygon inscribed within a circle qualifies as a work of mathematical art?

Artist: Robert Indiana, American (1928 - )

Title: Nonagon

Year: 1975

Medium: Serigraph