Debraj Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Central Michigan University,
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859,

I am a co-organizer of the CMU Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar. Please do contact me if you would like to give a talk.



My research interests are in Complex Analysis, more particularly in Several Complex Variables, which is basically the study of holomorphic functions (and other analytic objects) defined on complex manifolds of higher dimensions. This area of mathematics is closely related to differential and algebraic geometry on one hand and PDE (boundary value problems) on the other. An elementary introduction, giving the flavor of the area may be found in this popular article. (disclaimer: although most of the article in this link was written by me, the comments in the margins and a number of typos in the text were contributed by the publishers of the magazine where it appeared.)

Here is a summary of my past work.

Here is my research statement, explaining my current interests.

Publications and preprints