... the kindling of a flame

Undergraduate students

Jason Smolinski (Summer 04, Assistant Professor at Calvin College)
Stephen Daunheimer (Summer 05)
John Burdette (Summer 05 and 06, Mathematics and Science Center - Battle Creek)
Daniel Simon (06-07) with M. Tecklenburg (CMU-CHM)
Troy Lyons (11-15, Graduate student at Ohio State University)
Gary Cheng (14-15)
T. Ethan Stearns (14-15)

Graduate students (MS and Ph.D.)

Monica Ghita (2002-04, Assistant Professor, Virgina Commonwealth University)
Buddhi Man Rai (2003- 05, Instructor, University of Hawaii Maui College)
Alan O'Keefe (2006- 07, Instructor at Highland Comm. College, Freeport IL)
David Price (06- 07)
J. Brian Hancock (M.S. 2010-12, Faculty at Alma College)
Andrew Supka (Science of Advanced Materials Ph.D. 2014-2018, Post-doc at Central Michigan University)
Rajendra Paudel (2015-2017, Ph.D. student at Auburn University)
Sharad Mahatara (2016-2017, Ph.D. student at University of New Mexico)