The Mahon Laboratory


Lab photo of the week (9/4/17):

Taken in 2013 on our Antarctic cruise, this photo is one of the sea spider (Pycnogonida) we study in the lab.

Mahon Lab NEWS: August 2017.  Summer is nearly over and we are progressing on a number of new and exciting projects here in the lab!

Good news everyone! Recently, The lab has been awarded a $400,000 U.S. EPA-GLRI grant to investigate benthic invertebrate biodiversity in the Great Lakes!

Additionally, new CMU BIO MS student Kasey Benesh has joined the lab.

Lastly, a number of manuscripts are nearing submission for publication also. More updates soon! Check back here and on Twitter (@CMU_Antarctica) for news on all of these.

Most recent publications from the lab:

Galaska, M.P.*, Sands, C., Santos, S.R., Mahon, A.R., Halanych, K.M. 2017. Crossing the divide: Admixture across the Antarctic Polar Front revealed by the brittle star Astrotoma agassizii. Biological Bulletin. Online Early. (cover article!)

Shogren, A.J.*, Tank, J.L., Andruszkiewicz, E., Olds, B., Mahon, A.R., Jerde, C.L., Bolster, D. 2017. Controls on eDNA movement in streams: Transport, retention, and resuspension. Scientific Reports. Open access.

Galaska, M.P.*, Sands, C., Santos, S.R., Mahon, A.R., Halanych, K.M. 2017. Geographic structure in the Southern Ocean circumpolar brittle star Ophionotus victoriae (Ophiuridae) revealed from mtDNA and single nucleotide polymorphism data. Ecology and Evolution. 7(2): 475-485.

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Welcome to the Mahon Laboratory at Central Michigan University.  As a part of the Department of Biology and the Institute for Great Lakes Research at CMU, our focus is on using molecular genetic tools to explore organismal detection, biodiversity, and phylogeography in both aquatic and marine ecosystems.

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