The Mahon Laboratory


Mahon Lab NEWS: January 2017. Happy New Year all. We’ve had a number of new papers published/accepted for publication recently. They are listed below and also on our publications page (LINK). Congrats to all involved!

Recent papers from the lab:

Wieringa, J.*, Herbst, S., Mahon, A.R. 2016. The reproductive viability of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) in the western basin of Lake Erie. J. Great Lakes Res. In press.

Leese, F., …Mahon, A.R., et al. 2016. DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe. Research Ideas and Outcomes. 2: e11321. doi: 10.3897/rio.2.e11321.

Domel, J.S.*, Melzer, R.R., Harder, A.M.*, Mahon, A.R., Leese, F. 2016. Nuclear and mitochondrial gene data support recent radiation within the sea spider species complex Pallenopsis patagonica. Frontiers in Ecol. And Evol. In press.

Galaska, M.P.*, Sands, C., Santos, S.R., Mahon, A.R., Halanych, K.M. Geographic structure in the Southern Ocean circumpolar brittle star Ophionotus victoriae (Ophiuridae) revealed from mtDNA and single nucleotide polymorphism data. Ecology and Evolution. In press.

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Welcome to the Mahon Laboratory at Central Michigan University.  As a part of the Department of Biology and the Institute for Great Lakes Research at CMU, our focus is on using molecular genetic tools to explore organismal detection, biodiversity, and phylogeography in both aquatic and marine ecosystems.

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