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NEWS:  August 3, 2015.  Congrats to Ben Wegleitner (Mahon lab MS 2015 graduate) for leading our newest lab and collaborative publication entitled, “Long duration, room temperature preservation of filtered eDNA samples” which is now in press at Conservation Genetics Resources.  LINK 

NEWS: August 1, 2015.  Congrats to Avril Harder and A. Mahon for their hard work in helping prepare our new collaborative publication entitled “Regional differentiation and extensive hybridization between mitochondrial clades of the Southern Ocean giant sea spider Colossendeis megalonyx”.  This work was published in The Royal Society Open Science.  PDF

June 2, 2015: Another new manuscript out this week.  “Phlebotomus papatasi SP15: mRNA expression variability and amino acid sequence polymorphisms of field populations” is out in Parasites and Vectors.  Thanks to the project lead (M.A. McDowell) for including us.  Link to paper is on Publications page. 

JUNE 1, 2015: New manuscript accepted in Molecular Ecology Resources.  “Quantification of mesocosm fish and amphibian species diversity via eDNA metabarcoding” by Evans et al. will be Open Access at MER.  Link to the paper in Accepted Early Online here.

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Welcome to the Mahon Laboratory at Central Michigan University.  As a part of the Department of Biology and the Institute for Great Lakes Research at CMU, our focus is on using molecular genetic tools to explore organismal detection, biodiversity, and phylogeography in both aquatic and marine ecosystems.

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