The Mahon Laboratory


Welcome to the Mahon Laboratory at Central Michigan University.  As a part of the Department of Biology and the Institute for Great Lakes Research at CMU, our focus is on using molecular genetic tools to explore organismal detection, biodiversity, and phylogeography in both aquatic and marine ecosystems.

Lab photo of the week-ish (7/20/18):

Taken on our last cruise to the Antarctic, this male sea spider, Nymphon australe, is carrying some well developed babies. Female sea spiders pass their eggs to males who carry them through development. You’re looking at the ventral (bottom) side of the sea spider and the giant mass of babies that have hatched from their eggs but are still holding on to dad!


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Most recent publications from the lab:

Collins, E.E., Galaska, M.P., Halanych, K.M., Mahon, A.R. 2018. Population genomics of Nymphon australe Hodgson, 1902 (Pycnogonida, Nymphonidae) in the Western Antarctic. Biological Bulletin. 234(3): 180-191.

Santagata, S., Ade, V., Mahon, A.R., Wisocki, P.A., Halanych, K.M. 2018. Compositional differences in the habitat-forming bryozoan communities of the Antarctic shelf. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. In press.

A number of manuscripts are in review for publication and more nearing submission for publication also. Updates soon! Check back here and on Twitter (@CMU_Antarctica) for news on all of these.

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