The Mahon Laboratory


Welcome to the Mahon Laboratory at Central Michigan University!

As a part of the Institute for Great Lakes Research and Department of Biology, our work focuses on using molecular genetic and genomic tools to explore biodiversity, evolution, and phylogeography. Additionally, we use molecular tools for surveillance and monitoring of rare species in aquatic and marine environments.

Check out the lab’s most recent publications (* indicates student co-author):

Lafferty, K.D., Benesh, K.C.*, Mahon, A.R., Jerde, C.L., Lowe, C.G. 2018. Detecting southern California’s white sharks with environmental DNA. Frontiers in Marine Science. 5:355. 

Mahon, A.R., Horton, D.J.*, Learman, D.R., Nathan, L.R., Jerde, C.L.  2018. Investigating diversity of pathogenic microbes in commercial bait trade water. PeerJ. 6:e5468.

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