College Geometry

In the course, geometry content is explored through a problem-based and technology-enhanced approach. Mathematical ideas are learned only through active involvement; lecturing is therefore reduced to a minimum and teaching methodology rests on small group activities, presentations and whole class discussions.

Note and Remember Please:

  • Notify me of your absences ahead by e-mail. No voicemail please.
  • Work hard from the beginning as there are no extra credit activities.


Euclidean Geometry

Euclid's Elements in Java (By D. Joyce)
Euclidean Constructions applets (MTH 362)

Triangle Congruence

Triangle congruence Geogebra book

Interactive ASA and SSS proofs
Triangle congruence activity
Exercises (critique)

Triangle Centers and SImiarity

Orthocenters and Feuerbach Circle activity
Triangle similarity applets

G-Set explorations
G-Set construction
Five Circle Theorems

Non Euclidean Geometries
Poincare DIsk