Research Fields

  • Ferroelectret polymers: new concepts for piezoelectric sensors and actuators
  • Non-destructive 3D space-charge and polarization tomography
  • Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals with ferroelectric host polymers
  • Microscopic mechanisms of charge storage in electret polymers
  • Photo- and thermally stimulated discharge currents in charge-storing fluorinated and cycloolefin polymers

Current Research Projects

  • Dielectric barrier discharges in ferroelectret polymers: Ferroelectrets (i.e., charged cellular polymers) are rendered piezoelectric by means of barrier discharges inside the air-filled voids. Unlike traditional piezoceramics, they are mechanically flexible and can be manufactured to cover large areas. However, much remains to be learned about the microscopic processes of charging and charge-trapping. Achieving this goal requires a multi-technique approach, combining spectroscopic plasma diagnostics with space-charge mapping and electromechanical characterization techniques.
  • Non-destructive 3D space-charge and polarization tomography: The ability to accurately and non-destructively measure polarization and space-charge distributions is of prime importance in the research on electrets and organic electronics. Applications include the accumulation of space charge in high-voltage cable insulations, the development and optimization of pyroelectric and piezoelectric sensors, and basic research into the mechanisms of charge storage in electret polymers.

Contact Info

Axel Mellinger
Department of Physics
Central Michigan University
223 Dow Science Complex
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

Phone: +1-989-774-3336