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John I. Scheide, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor in Biology

Biology Department

Office:               Brooks 112                 Phone: 989-774-3291

Laboratory:     Brooks 210                 Fax: 989-774-3462


Motto:             Just Have Fun


Ion Balance in Invertebrates and Vertebrates in normal environmental and derived conditions. 

Ion transport mechanisms

Sub-lethal indicators of stress.

Ions Studied: Na+, Cl-, K+, Ca++, pH, HCO3-

Invertebrates Studied: Zebra Mussels, Quagga mussels, Many Native American Bivalves (Unionids).

Vertebrates Studied: Lamprey, fish, frogs.

Studying:     Normal Ion Balance

                       Indicators of Stress

                       Control of Exotics

                       Regulation of Ion Balance

                       Heavy Metal Accumulation


Scheide, J.I. and P. Bonamino, 1994.  Effect of low water temperature on ion balance  in the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, and the unionid

        mussel, Lampsilus   radiata.   Nautilus 107:113-117.

Scheide, J.I. and A.S. Mihal, 1997. Ionic balance predictors of physiologic stress in zebra  mussels: Effect of molluscicidal conditions. In "Zebra

        Mussels and  Aquatic  Nuisance  Species" edited by F. M. D’Itri. Ann Arbor Press, Chelsea,  MI. Pages  245-256.


Courses  Fall, 2008

   Concepts in Biology,  Biology 110

   Histology, Biology 536


Course Teaching History

General Biology   Bio. 101                                    Human Biology   Bio. 151

Biology Freshman Experience Bio. 197              General Zoology Bio. 218 

Cell Biology        Bio. 324                                       Mammalian Physiology   Bio. 392   

Biology of Marine Systems  Bio 397H                  Neuroscience Seminar Bio 487      

Ethics in the Life Sciences Sem. Bio 490            Histology  Bio. 536

Cardiovascular Physiology  Bio 590                     Neurophysiology  Bio. 591                            

Environmental Physiology Bio. 592                       Radioisotope Applications in Biology Bio. 597 

Vert. Environmental Phys. Bio. 597                       Cell Ion Transport Sem.      Bio. 610

Physiological Techniques Bio. 620                       Neurophysiology Laboratory   Bio. 620


Personal Information

Married, 2 children.

Lived in Mt. Pleasant for over 20 years.

Hobbies: Brewing Beer, Choir, Cooking, Fishing, Running, SCUBA, Soccer.

Born in Tacoma, Washington. Grew up in Seattle Washington.


Educational Background

Bachelor of Science,   University of Washington, Zoology.         

                    Worked on intertidal animal identification and population density in Puget Sound.                                         

Master of Science,    Louisiana State University,     Physiology,    Minor- Zoology.

                    Single ion depletion of Na or Cl in a freshwater Unionid bivalve

Doctoral of Philosophy,   Louisiana State University,      Physiology,  Minor-Biochemistry.

                    Serotonin regulation of Na transport in Unionid by way of a cAMP mechanism in freshwater mussels

Postdoctoral Training,     New York University Medical Center

                     Cl transport in the Bullfrog cornea studied by ion-selective and conventional microelectrodes

                     Cl transport in the Killifish operculum


Current CMU committees or Community Service


    Head Marshall Commencement

College of Science and Technology

    Radiation Safety Committee

Public Service

    Lions Club

    Certified FIFA (level 8) Referee      

    High School Soccer Referee

    Track and Field Official  (High School and MAC meets)

    Barbershop Chorus, MountainTown Singers


Dr. Scheide Showing a Southern Sting Ray to the Biology of Marine Science Students on the Tommy Munro in the Gulf of Mexico off of Biloxi, Mississippi March 8, 2002.

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