Click on picture below to submit a request for hazardous waste disposal at CMU

For any urgent and immediate requests or problems using the web

email Jamie Stock or call telephone # (989) 774-3378

Except for yearly lab cleanout requests in August of  "Unwanted Chemicals"

All Hazardous Waste containers must include all of the information as seen on this example label below

(check the appropriate hazard classes also)

Please Do Not Use Abbreviations or Molecualr Formulas when listing Chemical Names

Click on label to download file of Avery #5963 2"x4" labels

Every container of hazardous waste must be submitted for disposal within 6 months!

All containers must be sealed and free of outside contamination

Waste Minimization Program

RCRA Emergency Contingency Plan
Environmental Health and Safety Department at C.M.U.
Chemistry Stockroom Home Page
State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality