Professor Tel: (989) 774-1286

Department of Geography FAX: (989) 774-2907

Institute for Great Lakes Research E-Mail: yong.tian@cmich.edu

Central Michigan University U.S. Citizen

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859


Post-doc. Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management

University of California-Berkeley

Ph.D. Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato, New Zealand

M.Sc. School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK

B.Sc. Department of Mathematics, University of Shanxi, China


Research Interests

1.     Geospatial and Temporal Modeling

2.     GIS and Remote Sensing in Water Quality Assessment

3.     Physical Geography


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (* Authors are advisees)

1.     2015 *Zhu W.N., Q. Yu, Y.Q. Tian, B.L. Becker, and H. Carrick, 2015. Issues and potential improvement of multiband models for remotely estimating chlorophyll-a in complex inland waters, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (IEEE J-Stars), 80 (2): 562-75 (IP: 3.026)

2.     2014 *Zhu, W.N., Q. Yu, Y.Q. Tian, B. Becker, T. Zheng, and H. Carrick, 2014, An Assessment of Remote Sensing Algorithms for Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Complex Freshwater Environments, Remote Sensing of Environment 140 (2014) 766778 (IP: 6.393)

3.     2013 *Zhu WN, Tian YQ, Yu Q., Becker BL., Using Hyperion Imagery to Monitor the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Estuarine and Coastal Regions, Remote Sensing of Environment, 134 (2013) 342-354, (IP: 6.393)

4.                       Tian, Y.Q. Yu Q., Feig D.A., Ye CJ., Blunden AM., Effects of climate and land-surface processes on terrestrial dissolved organic carbon export to major U.S. coastal rivers, Ecological Engineering, 54 (2013): 192 201, (IP: 2.58)

5.                       *Zhu, W.N., Q. Yu, and Y.Q. Tian, 2013, Uncertainty analysis of remote sensing of colored dissolved organic matter: evaluations and comparisons for three rivers in North America, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 84 (2013): 12-22. (IP: 3.132)

6.     2012 Tian, Y.Q., *Wang, D., R. F. Chen and *W. Huang, Using modeled runoff to study DOC dynamics in stream and river flow: a case study of an urban watershed southeast of Boston, Massachusetts, Ecological Engineering, 42(2012): 212-222. (IP: 2.58)

7.                     Zimmerman, M.J., Q. Yu, and Y.Q. Tian, Monitoring to Assess Progress toward Meeting the Assabet River (Massachusetts) Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Load--Aquatic Macrophyte and Sediment-Phosphorus Flux, U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report, 2011-5179.

8.     2011 *Zhu, W.N., Q. Yu, Y.Q. Tian, R.F. Chen, and G.B. Gardner, Estimation of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River plume regions using above-surface hyperspectral remote sensing, Journal of Geophysical Research-Ocean, 116, C02011, doi:10.1029/2010JC006523. (IP: 3.426)

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10.                    Tian, Y.Q., Q. Yu, M.J. Zimmerman, S. Flint, and M.C. Waldron, differentiate among aquatic plant communities and density in eutrophic rivers using remote sensing technology, Freshwater Biology 55 (8): 15871801, (IP: 2.738)

11.  2009 Tian, Y.Q., *J.J. Wang, J.A. Duff, B.L. Howes, and A. Evgenidou, Spatial Patterns of Macrobenthic Communities in Shallow Tidal Embayments and Association with Environmental Factors, Environmental Management 44 (1):119-135, (IP: 1.724)

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Note: Publications before 1998 was mostly conference proceedings because it was in computer science.



Looking for one student for Ph.D. and two for Masters

Blunden Ashley DOC loading from Agricultural lands


A-Joy Saha Graduated in Dec 2008, Thesis Title: The Modeling with high resolution 3D environmental data.

Chris Watson Graduated in Jun 2007, Thesis Title: The impacts of sea level rise on recurrence intervals of coastal/river flooding in the northeast region.

Jianjun Wang Graduated in Dec 2007, Thesis Title: Spatial distribution patterns of macrobenthic communities in small embayments of Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Testing the effects of eutrophication on macrobenthic communities

Prasanna Govindan Graduated in Jan 2007, Thesis Title: Emergency Response in Waterborne Pathways: A Discrete Dynamic Approach Using GIS

Dawei Wang Master Student, Thesis Title: Exploratory Analysis of the Environmental Factors Driving DOC from an Urban Watershed to Coastal Water Using SWAT Simulated Flow


K.S. LaCommare Ph.D. completed in June 2010, Conservation Ecology of Antillean Manatees in the Drowned Cayes, Area of Belize

Wei Huang Ph.D. completed in October 2010, Sources and Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matters in Estuaries

Jun Zhu Ph.D. completed in November 2010, Carbon Cycling in coastal regions

Praveen Jha Ph.D. completed in June 2011, Spatial Modeling for Assessing Forest Ecological Health Condition

Pashupati Chaudhary Ph.D. completed in August 2011, GIS modeling of Biodiversity in Indian forest

Zhen Wang Graduated with master degree in Sept 2005, Exploratory analysis of spatial and seasonal variations of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) concentration in the lower Hudson River

Venkata Bandla Graduated with master degree in Aug 2006, Sources, Sink and Transport of Colored Dissolved Organic Matters (CDOM) from the Neponset River Watershed to Coastal Waters

Keith Cialino Ph.D. Candidate, Oral date: Mar 2009, Modeling of biological and chemical pollutant in Coastal Watershed and Water

Chad J. McGuire Ph.D. Student, Environmental Law


2012-present Weining Zhu Remote sensing of land-water dynamics, Central Michigan University

2005-2008 Jawon Lee Human Geography and GIS modeling, UMass-Boston

2006-2007 Hongming He Hydrology and Watershed Modeling, UMass-Boston


Field Publication Data