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The primary research interest in my lab is using genetics, such as microsatellites and DNA sequences, to answer ecological and conservation related questions.

Specifically, the questions my lab is currently focusing on include questions relating to estimating effective populations sizes of small populations, what factors influence rates of loss of genetic variation, interpopulation dispersal rates, and the landscape level factors that influence interpopulation dispersal.


Current Research

Black-footed ferrets  -  Mustela nigripes
Impacts of plague on genetic variation and mating strategies.


Turtles of Medicine Lake I
Common Snapping Turtles  - Chelydra serpentina
Spiny Softshell Turtles  - Apalone spinifera
Painted Turtles  - Chrysemys picta
Influence of urbanization on genetic variation in turtles

  Turtles of Medicine Lake II
Common Snapping Turtles  - Chelydra serpentina
Spiny Softshell Turtles  - Apalone spinifera
Painted Turtles  - Chrysemys picta
Interspecific home range overlap in urban turtle populations

  Steller Sea Lions -  Eumetopias jubatus
Relatedness of sea lions within and among haulouts

  Gray Wolf - Canis lupus
Road usage and genetic diversity of gray wolves

  Wild Rice -  Zizania spp.
Factors influencing the genetic structure of two wild rive species in Michigan

  Flight Initiation Distance
Influence of body size and locomotion on FID with a robotic predator

  Painted Turtles  -  Chrysemys picta
Influence of water body type on home range size

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